The Beginning

In then late 60’s & early 70’s, the Matriarch, more lovingly known to all as “Mom,” worked for Boeing and Lockheed Martin. It was evident that Yvette would follow in those footsteps . . .


Vast Industries was formed to design and build products for the custom Motorsports, Oil & Gas, and Aerospace industries using CNC machining processes.

Yvette Archuleta-Tudury Holding a Wheel
A Close Up Of A Motorcycle Rim


When the mother and daughter duo at Vast Industries designed wheels, it was a true form of art. One masterpiece is The Kore Wheel, which debuted at Daytona Bike Week and was featured in several industry publications.


We unveiled the Vette Frame, a custom Buell Motorcycle softail conversion frame design that showcased cutting-edge features such as an integrated Sportster tank and advanced oil-in-frame technology.

Yvette Archuleta-Tudury Working on a Motorcycle


With the purchase of a Mitsubishi Wire EDM machine and the introduction of Electrical Discharge Machining capability new markets were opened up in the Subsea, Agriculture, and farming arenas. 


With the integration of the new machining capabilities, Vast Industries experienced a significant shift, attracting clients from diverse industries. This paved the way for the creation of a Marine Division.

Yvette Archuleta-Tudury Using a Machine
Yvette Archuleta-Tudury Wearing a Hard Hat


The Rehabilitation of Water Control Structures era for Vast Industries has begun and a Construction branch was soon to follow. 


The maintenance, refurbishment, and lead abatement of Hydro Control Structures positioned Vast Industries as a prominent industrial contractor across the US.

Yvette Archuleta-Tudury Observing Workers


As the demand for aluminum and steel fabrication projects increased, Vast Industries expanded its team of AWS-certified welders. Additionally, the company established a dedicated Vast Field Team.


The formation of a Vast Fuel Division, initially to provide emergency fuel after many hurricanes in the Gulf Region, has evolved into a year-round fuel services provider for government and private sectors.

Yvette Archuleta-Tudury and Two Women
Yvette Archuleta-Tudury


To commemorate these significant achievements, Vast Industries expanded by opening a second office in Mississippi.

We are Grateful to You

We are truly blessed to share our American dream and hope to encourage others to do the same.