Founded In 2007

Capable Government Contractor to Take on Your Project

Finding a reliable partner to handle complex government contracts can be daunting. The challenges of tight deadlines, strict regulations, and evolving project requirements demand a contractor with the expertise and agility to deliver exceptional results. 

As a government contractor, Vast Industries LLC (Vast Ind) understands these challenges and has built our reputation by providing solutions to government agencies and clients from across various industries. With our expertise, we assist government projects by delivering quality industrial services, ensuring efficiency, and driving success.

What We Do

Although we work in many sectors, our primary focus areas are:
Water Structure Rehabilitation, Industrial Machining Fabrication & Construction, Fuel & Marine Services, and EMERGENCY Disaster Response.

Our Professional Experienced Team is:

  • QCM, SSHO, & ECO Certified
  • Responsive, Reliable, & Dedicated
  • Military Trained with Proven Track Records

Vast Industries is driven and determined to be the firm of choice.

Industrial Work

Mission Statement

To achieve continuous improvement through persistence and passion for our work.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to keep manufacturing right here in the United States of America, providing skill sets and careers and educating the next generation on the importance of doing exactly that.

Diversity Statement

At Vast Industries, we are passionate about diversity and inclusion in our workforce, our vendors, and our clients. It has been our business practice since inception to seek out diverse suppliers for all our needs, as we hope for it to be reciprocated by the industries we serve.

“Being the first one in my family born in the Continental United States, diversity is of the utmost importance!”

– Founder & CEO, Yvette Archuleta-Tudury